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Pattern Cleopatra bag

Pattern Cleopatra bag

 The Cleopatra bag is a comfortable size bag with “hobo-like looks because
of its shape and numerous pockets. It is worn around the shoulder thanks
to a strap attached by swivel clasp on the sides.

Its originality lies in its slightly puffy pockets placed at the bottom of the
bag, under oblique flaps recalling the chevron shape of the top of the bag.
The pockets are closed with swivel clasp straps to give it style!! The top of
the bag forms a V closed with a strap passing in the center. At the back,
there is another larger pocket under the flap.

You can choose to give this bag an adventurous or a classy look depending
on the choice of materials. You can also combine colours to make it a
perfect bag for every occasion.
Size of the finished bag: Height 13”
Width 14”1/2
Depth 3”1/8

The Cleopatra is an intermediate level pattern.

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    8,00 €Prix
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