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Pattern Enneade Bag

Pattern Enneade Bag

Here is a bag and a pouch made with the same method, from only 9 squares…….
There are a lot of patchwork bag designs, made by assembling cotton squares (bag 16, 22, 25 squares etc.) interfaced with cotton and without foam or woven interfacing. You will find numerous examples from the Japanese quilting women in particular.
Having practiced patchwork for so many years, I wanted to apply the same techniques with materials that we usually use in bag making for example vinyl, faux leather, cork also using a foam interfacing for the structure.
This pattern is then ‘my’ version of an existing patchwork pouch design. This pattern allows you to use the same assembly method but changing the squares size to create a bag, a pouch and even a coin purse … The possibilities are endless !!
This pattern is intermediate, the difficulty being only at the topstitching when opening the seams. You can overcome this by choosing a cotton or fabric that can be ironed to open the seams easily. I would recommend to start with soft and flexible material and not too thick, to get familiar with the techniques before using more rigid material.
The pattern has a seam allowance of ¼” (0.6cm) unless stated otherwise.

Dimensions :
POUCH    Height         5–1/2 “
        Width        9 “
        Depth        4–3/4” (at the bottom)

BAG    Height         8-1/4”
        Width        13-3/8”
        Depth        7-7/8”  (at the bottom)

See lots of photos of testers' bag and all my bags by visiting my facebook page :

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