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Pattern Variations Nile

Pattern Variations Nile

In the same spirit as the Nile bag, here is the mini-Nile pouch, which will complete your bag as a lovely set.

This pouch fits without problem in the Nile bag and can contain papers and documents or even a small makeup kit. Mini-Nile is a flap pouch closed by magnetic snaps and features a small handle on the top.

Its shape, just like that of the Nile bag will allow you to see in the blink of an eye all its contents.

Its realization is simple and fast, you will only need a few scraps of the fabrics that you used for your Nile bag.


Finished pouch size :       Height                7" (18 cm)

                                                  Width                  9 ¾" (25 cm) (widest top)
                                                                                 6 ½" (17 cm) (bottom)

                                                  Depth                   3 ¼" (8.5 cm) (at the deepest


Option: by using the same pattern pieces but enlarged to 110% you can easily transform this pouch into a small crossbody bag to keep your hands free and have with you the essentials (follow the instructions in purple noted as an option in the tutorial).


    8,00 €Prix
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